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Fibromyalgia PainFibromyalgia is a chronic situation that affects about most of the people in Bowmanville. Doctors diagnose fibromyalgia based on a patient’s symptoms and physical exam. Patients experience pain and stiffness in the muscles, but there are no assessable findings on X-rays or most lab tests.

While fibromyalgia does not harm the joints or organs, the continuous aches and fatigue can have an important effect on daily life. If you want to get relief from Fibromyalgia in Bowmanville, contact us via 9056238388!

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The assurance of fibromyalgia is muscle pain in the body, typically escorted by:

•  Specific tender points
•  Fatigue
•  Fibromyalgia Tender Points
•  Anxiety or depression
•  Sleep problems

One of the exclusive features of fibromyalgia is the presence of gentle points in exact locations on the body. When these points are pushed, people with fibromyalgia feel pain, while people without the condition only feel pressure.

Fibromyalgia: The Pain Is Real

The pain of fibromyalgia can be penetrating. Traditionally, no X-rays or lab tests could check a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. But the medical now accepts that the pain of fibromyalgia is real. Research suggests it is caused by a glitch in the technique the body perceives pain.

Fibromyalgia: Who’s at Risk?

Women have the maximum risk of developing fibromyalgia. Doctors aren’t sure why, but women are ten times more likely to have the state than men. Some examiners believe genetics may play a role, but no specific genetic factors have been identified.


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