Find All Information About Physio


Find All Information About Physio

Good-PhysioPhysio helps and treats people with physical problems which can be brought on due to a range of problems including illness, accident or old age.

Movement is central to individual’s well-being in the field of physiotherapy and it is the physio’s job to maximize their patient’s movement through treatment and rehab.
In general, physiotherapists must be skilled in:

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Electro-physical modalities

There are many different fields that a physiotherapist can work in including women’s health, elderly care and occupational health. They are highly sought after professionals in most healthcare facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

Many bowmanville physio’s also set up their own local practices, treating patients in their local community for rehab and sports injury ailments. In fact there are not many fields of life where physiotherapist is not required – they are known to work in schools, the workplace and training companies too.

A dysfunction type of problem occurs when a joint or muscle or disc wall has a restriction of some kind which is painful when stressed but does not change importantly with repetition. This kind of problem is more irritable than a dysfunction and needs the physio to handle it more carefully.