Foot Problems In Children

Common foot pain

Most people experience several foot problems in their life. It is still undeniable that children are the ones who are mostly affected by these. Many conditions that cause adult pain can also cause pain in children.


When your kids join different sports and activities from several sports clinics and summer camps, it is just normal for them to at least once experience an injury. Make sure that you tell your children that whenever they feel something painful, they should immediately tell it to you; the reason for this is because you will be able to get these foot pains treated right away. The best thing that you can do is to continuously remind your children that these activities should always be fun and should not reach the point of putting their health at risk.


Heel Pain


Heel pain is a result of many different conditions. The most usual heel pain found in kids is a result of inflammation in a growth plate around the back of the heel bone tissue. This pain generally occurs in kids from age 11 until the early teen years when the real growth plate ‘closes’, or stops growing.


Other factors that cause heel pain can include stress to ligament called the plantar fascia, seen in kids with flat feet and high arches. This pain is usually found on the heel near the arch, and is worse after getting up and at the end of the day. Treatment requires stretching, sugar, anti-inflammatory medication, occasionally steroid treatments, and prescription inserts (orthotics) to overpower the underlying structural problem.


Knowing these foot problems will help you in making your children feel better most especially if they experience the ones mentioned above. Even if your children experience something that is not listed above, you will at least be assured because you know that there is a specific cure for it.



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