Full Spectrum X-Ray Diagnostic Services


Full Spectrum X-Ray Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic X-ray service or the radiography is the special method for taking the pictures of internal areas or body parts of our body. This method is useful in detecting the abnormalities of our body parts and making the early diagnosis of disease or injury. The x-ray machine focuses a small amount of radiation on the area of the body to be examined. In this service X-rays pass through the body, creating an image on film or a computer display. Different types of X-rays are used for different purposes. The equipment is different for each type of diagnostic X-ray procedure. Here are the basic conditions to Diagnose with the x- rays service.



X-Ray Diagnostic Services


Basic conditions to Diagnose With X-Rays

Various types of diagnostic X-ray procedures are ordered for different reasons. Common procedures include:


Intravenous pyelogram (IVP):This service is an x-ray that uses an injection of contrast material to evaluate your kidneys, ureters, and bladder and help diagnose blood in the urine or pain in your side or lower back. This treatment provides enough information to allow your doctor to treat you with medication.

Arthrogram: This procedure shows injury or disease in joints, arms, and legs.

Upper GI (gastrointestinal) series: Uses a barium solution as a contrast medium and helps evaluate the function of the esophagus, stomach, and upper small intestine.
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