Get Healthy Life Through Walking and Running


Medical advice has always been that regular aerobic exercise is good for the heart and body – and numerous studies have shown that people who are fit are more likely to live longer. Walking and running are among the easiest and most helpful exercises you can engage in to lose weight, relieve stress and stay fit.

walking is one easy way to start being fit. Walk to the shops or restaurants for your meals can be counted as exercise too. it is always wise to consult your best chiropractors in Bowmanville for some recommended level of exercise that is helpful for you if you have an existing medical condition.

Why running good for health?

1. Runners are less likely to suffer osteoarthritis or need total knee replacements than non-runners.
2. Running helps to slow the rate of heart and artery-related deaths.
3. Running is linked to fewer early deaths from cancer and neurological disease.

Walking burns body fat by improving your metabolism and reduces the LDL cholesterol which is the main culprit in most heart attacks, as it cause blockage of the arteries. It is also the reason why walking helps lower the blood pressure.

Building stamina and energy through running also benefits you in your daily life. You have more energy for your job as well as activities with friends or even the dreaded house cleaning work. Walking is relaxing and people can walk for many hours without much stress. People can have long conversations on these walks or hikes.


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