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Herniated Disc TherapyModern lifestyles have been largely blamed for a plethora of health complaints. One of these areas is the high prevalence of back and neck pain which has pervaded society at an alarming rate.

The effect of this negative pressure is retraction of bulging or herniated discs, which cause much of the pain and irritation, into the main disc. This is what chiropractors aim to achieve during spinal decompression in Bowmanville.

If you are distress from a herniated disc, you should consider therapy as a possible remedy. A type of disc problem involves the rubbery cushion between the individual vertebrae of your spine to push out through a crack of the tougher exterior of the disc.

Symptoms usually include a numbing or tingling sensation that begins in one leg and can extend from the buttocks down to the knee. In some cases, the pain can extend from the buttocks all the method down to the ankle and even the foot. Pain can also be present in the front of the thigh, and a person can have severe and even extreme muscle spasms due to a herniated disc.

There are many types of herniated disc therapy. One form of therapy that is used by chiropractors is non-surgical spinal decompression.


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