Have you ever tried Reflexology? Bowmanville Chiropractic


Reflexology is a very interesting type of alternative medicine. It is the scientific healing art of compressing or stimulating specific reflex areas on the feet that relate to all organs and systems of the body.

Relaxation is the first step towards normalising nerve and blood supply to all areas of the body which then encourages better circulation for the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Glands are then able to normalise their function.

A skilled and Professional Reflexologist can assist in breaking down and dispersing these deposits, helping to restore the body to better health.

Where can you do reflexology?

Reflexology is typically done on the feet. Reflexology can be done on the ears and the hands. This is commonly used when you cannot work the feet.

Sometimes people find that using various essential oils in conjunction with reflexology can give them even better results than they got before. Make sure you use the right essential oils that are parallel to the results you want from the reflexology.

Reflexology can benefit us in different basic ways. It is used to reduce:

1. Stress and tension
2. Headaches, stiff necks
3. Sinus symptoms
4. Back pain

There are many specialities in reflexology such as infertility, back pain, insomnia, RSI, menopause, elderly, depression, children etc. Most reflexologists will be able to do a general treatment to assist symptoms of any medical problem, which a client may present to them, however you may be able to find a Remedial Reflexologist who specializes in your symptoms.


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