Health Tips For Overweight Adolescents


Obesity is much more than simply a cosmetic problem. Being considerably overweight causes serious health problems, and when obesity starts in childhood, unfortunately it often sets the child up for a lifetime of poor health.

Although obesity can be hereditary, there are many steps a parent can take to keep their child from becoming obese, even if there is a genetic predisposition towards the condition. The most important factor leading to today’s obese children is poor nutrition.

Parents should encourage their children to eat properly and high quality food that is full of nutritional value at an early age. Persuade your children to eat slowly at meals and enjoy their food. The slower a child eats, the less food they will consume. Check out this link, to learn all about getting the best advise and health tips for overweight adolescents.

Fitness And Nutrition Facts Regarding Childhood Obesity

1. Children who have overweight parents are more likely to be overweight
2. Lower income and education levels correlate to lower physical exercise levels in developed countries.
3. Obesity during adolescence has been found to increase adult mortality.
4. A depressed mood is strongly associated with childhood obesity. Research suggests however that the depressed mood is a result of the obesity and not the cause of it.
5. Television advertising of food and beverages directed towards children are usually for products that are high in calories, sugar, sodium, and fat.

Learn substitutions for your children’s favorite meals as well as healthier choices for when the family is eating out. Don’t worry about when your child is out of your sight so much, as long as he is getting healthy foods 90 percent of the time, the other 10 percent will not be so damaging. Make sure to boost exercise not only for the one child but for the whole family as well.


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