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Whether you think you can’t or you think you can, you’re right. Henry Ford

Wellness & Prevention: Going on vacation before the fall routine starts again? Make sure to protect yourself from getting sick on from…your hotel room. They aren’t as clean as you think. To avoid picking up the germs from the last guests, bring antibacterial wipes with to wipe down the main germy culprits: remote control and TV. panel and the doorknobs.

Stay Fit: Too hot to exercise? Summer heat causes many to dump the workout routine until cooler weather comes. However that’s a month of fitness that your body needs! Instead, make the extra effort to change your routine- try an early morning run, an indoor exercise routine with a video and free weights or swimming a few times a week. Not only will you keep up your fitness goals and feel better; but the change in routine will use different muscles, making you stronger and healthier.

Food News: Another really good reason to cut back (or eliminate) soda consumption. Drinking soda wears off the enamel around the teeth. Permanently. University of Nebraska’s Dr. Kim McFarland shares her findings of the last 25 years, showing the disturbing evidence that both sugar and diet soda has the same influence on tooth enamel. “It can be more harmful than cavities because the damage causes tooth sensitivity…there is really nothing a dentist can do.”

Mentally Strong: In a long distance relationship and frustrated? According to the Journal of Communication, a new study shows that long distance couples can have more intimate relationships than people in relationships without the physical barriers. Drs. Jeffery Hancock and Crystal Jiang state that long distance couples make more of an effort to keep in touch with the frequency and variety of communication methods, increasing the bond despite the distance.

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