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Highly Effective Relief for Back Pain

If you have acute or chronic back pain is get a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis by a well trained back specialist. In Canada that would be a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath. These are all primary health care physicians who have the training and skills necessary to accurately assess and diagnose your condition. This is the most essential step in your journey to overcome your back pain.

However, there are a number of different types of back pain specialist. Therefore it is important to understand the roles each of these specialists could play in your recovery.

All of them, Chiropractors are specialist in diagnosis and treatment of the spine and related areas. They may also provide guidance as to how to treat the pain and relieve the underlying problem using exercise or other complementary therapies.

Chiropractors are health care professionals who aim to treat the pain using alternative or non traditional methods. Their area of specialty is the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular issues.

Different Treatments for back pain

1. Therapies – There are different kinds of therapies, which are applied to the person that complains of back pains. These may include: physiotherapy where the spine and support muscles are stretched and strengthened, massage therapy and body awareness therapy.

2. Medications – Prescriptions medication such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, narcotics, muscle relaxants, and analgesics are given to patients. These medications can be applied orally or through intra-muscle injections.

3. Surgery – Surgery for back pain is very common and more often than not, the individual still has pain afterwards and sometimes even new problems! Very rarely is a surgery the answer…

It’s always a advise to always consult your best Chiropractors Bowmanville before deciding exactly which type of treatment to engage in.


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