How Chiropractic Care help for Diabetic?


Chiropractic care is generally known for helping people who suffer from neck and back pain. Studies are increasingly showing that chiropractic care is also helping those suffering from a multitude of diseases. One such disease is diabetes. Diabetes is caused by lack of circulation to the nerves and elevated and uncontrolled glucose levels.

You’re probably taking painkillers. You’re probably closely monitoring your blood glucose levels. You’re probably being more careful about what you eat. So just how are your neuropathy symptoms now? If they’re not improving, you should add something else to your treatment plan…

These are the symptoms of diabetes:

1. Diarrhea, nausea as well as vomiting
2. Loss of sensation and capability to feel warmth or cold
3. Muscle cramps
4. Dizziness, especially when you try to stand up
5.Drooping facial muscle tissue
6. Numbness, tingling or burning with your arms, hands, legs or feet
7. Weakness
8. Difficulty swallowing
9. Deep discomfort, especially in your legs as well as feet
10. Loss of bladder control

No doubt you’ve been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy.

Chiropractic Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

Chiropractic care for neuropathy patients generally concentrates on correcting misalignments in the spine. Those misalignments can make disturbance on the nervous system and your organs – including the pancreas, a direct link to diabetes.

If any treatment will not be working as quickly as you had hoped, and you’re doing everything else your doctor tells you to do, contact your local neuropathy specialist. Your clinician has an exclusive treatment protocol with proven results for neuropathy patients. An integral a part of that treatment protocol is a chiropractic adjustment to fix problems with your spinal alignment.


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