How do you get carpal tunnel?


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The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness or tingling in the fingers and pain in the hand, fingers or wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve as it passes through the wrist other conditions that can exacerbate that include arthritis, pregnancy, obesity and hypothyroidism.


The condition arises due to several factors.

1. The most common cause is typing on the computer.
2. Women are more often affected than men.
3. Typing, sewing, driving, painting, writing or assembling line work can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
4. Persons within the age group 30 to 60 years are more prone to this condition.
5. Some individuals have a smaller carpal tunnel than others.

Massage is an excellent way to loosen muscles and assist with blood flow. Other alternative therapies may help, such as acupuncture. For more treatments, you can visit

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated if you try to wear a splint on your wrist. You need to try not to sleep on the wrist and you can apply hot or cold pack to the affected area. You can change your recreational activities and your duties at work. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be effectively managed.


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