How Does Reflexology Work?


How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology TherapyReflexology massage therapy is a healing art. It includes applying pressure using fingers, usually thumbs, on feet and hands and sometime in earlobes to activate reflex points of the organs in the body.

Reflexology is like holistic healing massage technique that improves circulation, induces relaxation and enables homeostasis.

This encourages your healing systems to maintain well-being. Reflexology is all about massaging the hands and foot. It stimulates body organ reflexes.

The eight body systems are Muscular, Skeletal, Neurological, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Genitourinary and Vascular. This therapy helps to balance the eight body systems and harmonizes the body and creates well-being. Reflexology is a manipulative therapy. It used alone or in combination with other treatments. It releases self-healing energy.

Reflexology Therapy is useful in following conditions:

  • Chronic pain such as in constant headaches or a migraine
  • Emotional stress and other forms of tension
  • Alleviation of some symptoms of cancer such as pain
  • Various allergies
  • Arthritis and other related diseases
  • Problems of the digestive tract
  • Depression

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