How Does Reflexology Works?


How Does Reflexology Works?

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Reflexology – An Application of pressure to areas on the hands, feet, and ears. Reflexology is very relaxing and an effective way to remove stress. Most people think that reflexology is just another word for a foot massage, it is in fact much more than that. By using pressure points in the feet and hands it helps to stimulate organs and systems throughout the body. Reflexology practitioners claim that they can treat a wide range of problems by simply manipulating these pressure points. It is similar to acupuncture that clear blockages in the flow of the body’s life force (or Qi) and healing will follow.

Some Benefits of Reflexology Are:

Reduce stress and anxiety
Stimulates circulation
Reduce ache and pains
Provides relaxation
Removes energy blocks
Promotes health and wellbeing
Preventative healthcare
Increase energy

Reflexology treatment typically lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is very important to have a conversation with your reflexologist and discuss your issues whether it is a tension headache, constipation or trouble sleeping. The therapist may focus on specific areas to remove ailments or work on the whole foot to strengthen every system in the body.
Dr.Amit Sharda says that be honest with your therapist, let them know what your goals and expectations are, and have that conversation. He is Specialized Foot Massage and Reflexology Services in Bowmanville ON.