How Does The PROADJUSTER Work?

Proadjuster Analysis WorkWhat is the Pro-Adjuster?

It is a new and very advanced technology in the chiropractic occupation that is based on technology developed by NASA for the Space Program. The Pro-Adjuster finds and corrects the subluxations arising in your spine. Correcting subluxations provides help and reduces these irritating or painful problems.

The Pro-Adjuster correctly determines whether the vertebrae are out of position by applying a very light automated force to the spine. The quantity of this force is equal to tapping your fingers on a table.

The vibration returned to the Pro-Adjuster allows the computer to completely evaluate the position of each vertebrae, giving far more information to the doctor about your spinal strength. Spinewise – PROADJUSTER’S ANALYSIS WORK is the higher level of care for you than the previous available.

How does the Pro-Adjuster Work?

On each of your appointments we will do an analysis, adjust you with the Pro-Adjuster and then reanalyze. You will see the changes in your spine immediately. Spinewise computer analysis will display your problem areas and show the organs and tissues that are affected. It will show you how your course of treatment is proceeding and the degree of resolution of your condition.


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