How Massage Therapy Helps Digestion and Indigestion?

Massage Therapy Helps Digestion and Indigestion

Our digestive system is very complex and possesses many various functions. Digestion problems for example constipation, irritable bowel and indigestion usually are caused by stress, bad eating plan, lack of water intake or even exercise. Massage therapy of the abdomen is an efficient treatment for these ailments.

Stress can manifest itself like a physical condition in the belly area. Gentle massage of the abdomen is an efficient treatment for any disorders this particular causes, as it comforts and relaxes the abdominal area and relieves mild disorders and discomfort. For more information, please visit

When we feel tense our abdominal muscles tighten in order to help alleviate the experience of painful and uncomfortable feelings, which experts claim hamper regular breathing. If we cannot control these emotions they result in physical problems including the digestive system. Massaging the abdomen restores normal breathing, by allowing the muscles to expand and relax which restores normality to the region.

Advice for improving your digestive system:

1. Avoid stress if possible
2. Regular abdominal massage
3. Prolonged use of laxatives make a lazy bowel
4. Healthy diet
5. Drink plenty of water and peppermint tea
6. Practice regular deep breathing to help relaxation
7. Pushing your knees up towards the abdomen helps relieve tight muscles

If massage done regularly the chronic pain you are feeling from indigestion and constipation will gradually decrease and your bowel movements will become normal.


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