How Physiotherapy Helps??

Physiotherapy: Today it hurts, tomorrow it works!

physiotherapy-treatmentPhysiotherapy treatment is a form of rehabilitation and physical care. Professionals practicing this form of health care are called physiotherapists. This treatment is for patients of all ages who lose their abilities to move and perform functional activities efficiently.

During the Physiotherapy treatment,  Physiotherapists examine the patient concerned and develop a treatment plan to treat his/her ability to move, relieve pain, restore functional movements and often times even prevent disabilities.

The Physiotherapist work with the patient to prevent movement loss before it occurs. Physiotherapies have so many specialties such as cardiopulmonary, geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics etc.

The conditions brought by physiotherapy treatment such as recovery and relief from pain may not immediately, but the effect can be seen in the longer term. The recovery rate of the patient varies from individual to individual.

Those have minor injuries may recover faster, but those people whose conditions are serious may take a longer time to recover or not at all depending on how chronic is the condition.

In the treatment, the patient’s attitude and belief also play an important role in the recovery. Patients must believe and trust that the physiotherapist can help them to gain their health. He/she must listen to the Physio’s advice, proper self-care management, and proper follow-up treatments are the key to recovery. Both the patient and physiotherapist must work well together for any treatment to be successful.


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