How To Reduces the Risk of Stroke?

Reduces the Risk of Stroke

The results of the study found that people who are more physically active are more than two and a half times more likely to experience a milder stroke than those who were the less physically active. A stroke happens when a blood vessel bringing blood and oxygen to the brain ruptures or becomes blocked.

Mild stroke symptoms will usually return to normal quickly, less than one hour. Symptoms of stroke are generally more weight will cause a more typical symptoms, such as paralysis.


A stroke results from obstruction of a blood vessel, typically outside the brain, but occasionally within the brain itself. Stroke is uncommon in children accounting for only a small percentage of stroke cases each year. Stroke in children is often secondary to congenital heart disease, abnormalities of intracranial vessels genetic disorders and blood disorders such as thrombophilia. Below are the causes of stroke:

1. Hypertension
2. Heart disease
3. Diabetes
4. Atrial fibrillation


1. Lower high cholesterol and triglyceride levels
2. Maintain blood pressure in the normal range
3. Eating a healthy diet
4. Manage blood sugar levels

So by decreasing your risk for stroke, you are simultaneously reducing your risk for these other diseases as well! If you do develop problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes which cannot be controlled with diet and exercise alone, discuss medication options which may help reduce these risk factors.


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