Hunchback Bad Posture Can Make You Unhealthy

Hunchback Bad Posture

Hunchback: This is when your back forms a C shape at the top of your spinal column. Your spine is supposed to be straight, but becomes curved at this spot.

Cause: Sitting for long hours. sitting hunched over a computer screen.

Symptoms: neck, shoulder, and back pain


Upper back foam rolling to increase the mobility of your upper back. Lie on a foam roller placed in the middle of your back and perpendicular to the spine. Treatment is determined by age of the patient, degree of the curve, curve progression and several other factors which are specific to the patient. To get additional info, please visit

How would you like to solve your posture correction problems in effortlessly and easily. So if you find yourself developing the habit of a hunched back, here are some tips to develop a better posture.

1. Relieve your stress
2. Boost your confidence
3. Focus on the benefits of good posture.

Solving posture problems shouldn’t be something that gives your sleepless nights, and this is largely due to the fact that you can easily undertake a set of exercises so as to alleviate the problem. The use of braces is one such way in which you can deal with back problems.

A chiropractor may use a variety of different diagnostic techniques to determine if your spine is out of alignment. Most chiropractors can easily spot a subluxation, as body posture reflects any misalignment.


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