Identifying Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Carpel Tunnel SyndromeMany people think carpal tunnel syndrome only happens as a result of a sudden/ sharp twist, compression, or squeeze on the wrist area in which the median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also occur as a result of repetitive or forceful use of the hand or wrist in a manner that affects the tunnel to shrink or compress. There are many patients who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome In Bowmanville.

This cause if mostly common among folks who carry out long term office work in an environment that is not setup properly to avoid the illness.

The effects of long term office work on anyone can be enormous and carpal tunnel disorder is something that could result from that. It causes numbness and pain to the wrist and fingers. It can also result in chronic back pain which at the end of the day could cause wakeful nights.

Setup Your Work Environment

One of the most essential steps is to make sure your work situation is setup such that it supports good posture, especially if you need to be working for over 1-2 hours in one sitting.

Use Ergonomic Computer Keyboards

Sometimes, using a special ergonomic computer keyboard and mouse would help in stopping carpal tunnel syndrome amongst people who work long term on computers. They are specially designed to help maintain a good hand position while typing.


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