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Kinesiology tape has an impressive array of therapeutic benefits. Due to the fact it can be left on you for up to five days, these benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day. It significantly accelerates the healing process from trauma and injury and other inflammatory conditions.chiropractor in clarington

Taping relieves pain, the lifting action of the tape relieves pressure from the pain receptors directly under the skin. This allows for fast relief from acute injuries. Taping also reduces pressure on the lymphatic drainage channels, enhancing the removal of fluids and other materials that collect where the injury has occurred. Taping also enhances circulation which helps deliver oxygen and other nutrients at the cellular level as it also accelerates the removal of waste products. These two mechanisms help prevent cramps and spasms in the muscles.

Exercise can produce fatigued and overused muscles, this contributes to pain and stiffness. We have all suffered the pains of working out. When you utilize kinesiology tape on these areas, you enable a more rapid recovery. This, in turn, translates to an improved performance and complete recovery.

Pain and injuries lead to loss of muscle tone. Taping not only provides support to the affected areas, it improves muscle activation. This allows therapeutic exercises to be carried out more efficiently.

One of the more important benefits of kinesiology tape is that it enables you to remain active while injured. Taping aids in pain relief and reduces inflammation so you can continue to train while your injuries are healing.

At SpineWise, we offer kinesio taping as well as many other treatments for pain and stiffness. If you are a Clarington athlete seeking a chiropractor, contact us for a free consultation.


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