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There is plenty of research that has shown the specific techniques used in reflexology is effective and beneficial in many ways. With over 160 studies from over 20 countries showing the effectiveness and impact of reflexology, the good news is this form of treatment might be just for you.

From the moment the reflexologist starts their work, the relaxation begins. There have been over 25 studies on the relaxation effects of reflexology. There have also been several studies that show the pain reducing effects of reflexology. The positive impact it has on those with chronic pain is immeasurable. Another benefit of reflexology is that it improves blood flow. It has also been proven to aid in recovery. Patients who utilized reflexology after surgery suffered less pain. In fact, reflexology helped patients in cases where nothing else was working. For example, phantom limb pain sufferers saw significant relief through the treatments of reflexology. In cases of severe depression, reflexology reduced both depression and anxiety in patients. Women who received reflexology experienced shorter labor times and used less pain medication. Best of all, reflexology is very effective for stress sufferers.

We all have at least some extent of stress in our lives. Most of the time we just ignore it or mask it with other stimulates. The goal of our reflexologist is to help you eliminate stress naturally. Once your body gets back into balance, you turn into a more relaxed person. If you are in need of a top quality chiropractor in Clarington, give us a call to discuss your needs.


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