Importance of Learning Human Anatomy

Human anatomy and physiology BowmanvilleAnatomy means the study of structure and human anatomy that means the study of structure of human organisms. It is one of the three basic medical sciences, which are studied to medical students who are to follow a career associated to hospitals.

Human anatomy 101is only related to the study of structure of body. It is not concerned with the study of functions of many parts of human body. In fact, there is also other science, known as Physiology, which is related with the study of the function of various parts of human body. Anatomy 101 In Bowmanville just defines the structural details.

Yes, it is a fact that structure and function are very much inter-related and one cannot be understood without the other but a difference has to be made because of the level of facts in both fields. The details of human structure are so huge that they cannot be studied along with the enormous details of human functions.

It can be divided into three major groups.

1) Gross anatomy (macroscopic anatomy)
2) Microscopic anatomy (Histology)
3) Basic anatomy

Gross Anatomy: It deals with the study of macroscopic details of human structure.

Microscopic anatomy: It deals with the study of microscopic facts of various structures of human body. Microscopic anatomy depends on asignificant instrument known as the microscope.

Basic Anatomy: Basic anatomy explains all the basic ideas of human anatomy so that the different structural arrangements of these basic components can be understood suitably.


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