Information About Low Level Laser Therapy


Spinewise Low-Level Laser Therapy program relieves Stress and lowers Anxiety. They have been used in the medical field for treatment of damaged tissue, pain relief, non-healing ulceration and increasingly for acupuncture point stimulation. It has been used internationally for over 10 years in quit smoking, weight control and stress management.

The low-level laser therapy is very safe and its capability to penetrate the tissues makes it a stimulant, which induces cell growth and tissue repair. LLLT also has proven beneficial for the treatment of wound healing. It is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream medicine, and therefore has the potential to provide relief to millions of people suffering from pain, and other patients who are dealing with wounds that are not healing sufficiently. If you would like to go for laser treatment or learn more about ways LLLT can help with pain, please visit

Cold Laser Therapy include:

1. Muscle and joint pain
2. Stiffness associated with arthritis
3. Hand pain and wrist pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
4. Pain associated with muscle spasms
5. Neck pain
6. Lower back pain
7. Wound healing

It is believed that low level laser therapy may increase serotonin and endorphins and improve blood circulation, which can be especially helpful to diabetics whose wounds are slow to heal.

Many chiropractors throughout the Canada are now starting to see the benefits of treating customers using LLLT to help treat the pain caused by arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, and soft tissue injuries, which are common through repetitive strain caused during both contact and non-contact sport.


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