Information On Back Pain and Facet Joint Syndrome

Back Pain and Facet Joint SyndromeFacet Joints are just like the knee or elbow or any other joint in the body, they allow the spine to bend and twist. Back and joint pains are among the top reasons for visits to the doctor. Diagnosing this common condition is simple and involves specific physical examination procedures to isolate the joints and x-rays to determine the severity. For more info, visit

Causes of Facet Joint Syndrome

1. Infection
2. Arthritis
3. Poor posture which pushes the spine out of alignment
4. Inflammation
5. Sports activities

When Facet Joint Syndrome affects the lower back, there is:

1. Difficulty standing up
2. Pain in the lumbar area
3. Difficulty getting out of a chair
4. Stiffness of back
5. There may be referred pain to the buttocks and thighs

The condition is degenerative and progressive in nature meaning over time the condition worsens. The best treatment is non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, which distracts the joints and increases mobility. The goal of treatment is to reduce swelling and inflammation and improve mobility of the joints.


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