Injury Appear Several Days Later After A Car Crash

Injury  after accidentFor those who met with an accident, here are some common symptoms that can appear several days later.

1. Headaches

Headache after whiplash injury often shows itself for the first time on the morning after the accident. Research has shown that whiplash injury headache can persist for a year or more in some patients – but for most the head pain improves within a month or two of the accident.

2. Neck or shoulder pain

Neck injuries or whiplash can be disruptive and painful, especially after an auto accident in which whiplash is the most common injury caused by rear end collisions. Whenever you experience shoulder pain that interferes with your range of motion and everyday tasks, see a physician to diagnose the cause of the discomfort immediately.

3. Back pain

The good news is that much back pain is caused by the soft tissues around the spine, the muscles and ligaments, and those are very treatable. If you have suffered a back injury from a car accident, you have the option of seeking compensation in court from the person who caused the accident. If you decide to go to court, a personal injury lawyer can advocate on your behalf and help you seek damages.

4. Numbness

The most common reason for numbness or tingling is a problem with nerve function, either because the nerve itself is injured, something is pressing on the nerve, or an imbalance in the body’s chemistry interferes with nerve function. Certain symptoms suggest a serious cause of tingling and numbness that requires prompt attention.

5. Abdominal pain

People usually have abdominal pain or tenderness. However, pain is often mild, and the person may not notice or complain about it because of other more painful injuries such as fractures.

Whiplash injuries involve an unpredictable combination of nervous system, muscles joints and connective tissue disruption that is not simple to diagnose and can be even more of a challenge to treat.


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