Is Orthotics Really Help People To Heel Their Pain?


Foot orthotics are a common treatment for the most common cause of heel pain. It may be difficult, however, for patients to find out if they are getting the best orthotics to treat their high heel pain. Orthotics therapy is often advocated for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury of the lower limb.


For orthotics therapy, both patient and the medical professional must understand how orthotics function to manage plantar fasciitis.


The primary function of orthotic therapy in most pathologies is to reduce abnormal force on the entire body structure that is being harmed. In the case of plantar fasciitis/heel inspires syndrome, the primary issue is excessive tension on the plantar fascia. In other pathologies, the primary function of the orthoses will be different as will the orthotic prescribed.


Before prescribing orthoses for plantar fasciitis your practitioner has to first determine why, in this case, there is excessive tension on the plantar fascia. Sometimes it is because the heel Everts and jams the medial foot into the ground. This pushes up on the bottom of the first metatarsal and causes the foot to expand. This stretches the plantar fascia. In this case the orthotic have to stop the heel from everyting. In this situation we assign an orthotic that cups deep across the heel and has a built-in wedge that prevents the heel by rolling in.


There are other biomechanical explanations why the fascia might be stretched. Each condition might require a somewhat different orthotic prescription in order to achieve the best clinical outcome. For the best outcomes, it is critical undertake a expert and knowledgeable professional prescribe orthotics.



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