Kinesio Taping – Spinewise Medical Clinic

Kinesio Taping is a special method of bandage, which unlike the classic bandages used in rehabilitation, allows the movement of the bandaged area.

It is designed specifically to facilitate the process of natural healing of the body, providing support, and stability to muscles and joints. One of the benefits and characteristics of the band is that it acts without restricting the reach of the body of movement, thanks to its physical characteristics.

Kinesio Taping in the Spinewise medical Clinic

The kinesiologist is a professional whose purpose is to restore functionality and reintegrate the person into his / her usual activities and society.

For this, in Spinewise medical Clinic, a team of professionals uses different kinesio taping technique that allow you to evaluate and treat patient in different areas of performance such as:

? Kinesiology and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation:
? Spine and Cervical Skull
? Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand
? Hip
? Knee
? Ankle and foot
? Sports Injuries
? Kinesiology in respiratory diseases, adult and children
? Geriatric Kinesiology
? Kinesiology in pelvic floor
? Kinesiology in Accidents at work and occupational diseases
? Kinesiology in Burns and Scars
? Oncology Kinesiology
? Kinesiology in Cardiac Rehabilitation
? Kinesiology in overweight and obesity
? Kinesiology in Palliative Care


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