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knee pain bowmanville

The knee is an amazingly complex joint in the body. The basic anatomy of the knee is fairly complex. Knee joint pain is pretty much common in older folk than younger people. This might be due to the wear of the tissues over the years.

Knee pain can be caused by several types of situations. Some people injure themselves while playing sports or going through everyday life. People who are involved in very intense physical exercises will find themselves in trouble when it comes to suffering with pain in the knee. This people may include;

1. Football Players
2. Snowboarders
3. Skiers
4. Hikers

Sign and Symptoms

1. Weakness or instability
2. Swelling and stiffness
3. Redness and warmth to the touch
4. Inability to fully straighten the knee
5. Popping or crunching noises

Some types of knee pain worsen with activity or at night and radiate to other parts of the body, so, you must visit a doctor in Bowmanville so that you can know in detail what to expect on the outcome of the knee treatment.


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