Know More About Massage Therapy

massage techniques

A massage therapy is perceived by many people as the best way to release stress out of your body to improve your health in a natural way. A variety of health disorders have benefited from this type therapy. It is now an inevitable part of both complimentary and holistic medical treatments.

A massage specialists use a mixture of science and artistic touch on the parts of the body to improve the overall health of a person.

Patients usually lie on a table, on their back or face down. Sometimes it is administered with the patient sitting on a chair. As a patient, you have to wear loose fitting garments to facilitate treatment.

A massage therapy will not begin without a good light oil or lotion as preparation for the massage session. The choice will depend on the preference of the patient or on the type of massage therapy. Nowadays, there are many choices when it comes to oil. A patient can have essential oils which are a good choice as they are scented oils, aiding in the aromatherapy of the patient. There are no proven negative effects of using these oils as a medium on your massage therapy.

For best results and to prevent any other health consequences. It is better not to go to this form of treatment if you have:

1. Undergone a recent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation
2. Infectious or open wounds, rashes, bruises, inflamed skin
3. Cardiac problems
4. Abdominal hernia or unhealed fractures
5. A likelihood of getting blood clots, bleeding disorders, low platelet count

Cancer patients are usually not restricted from massage therapies. But, at first, they should discuss with their personal doctor. Pregnant women should avoid the regular massage sessions and should seek the help of therapists who specialize in the massage of expectant mothers.


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