Laser Therapy Bowmanville – A Laser Treatment For Pain

A Laser Treatment For Pain

Low level lasers are being used worldwide for a variety of valuable treatments and therapies. These include pain relief, reduction of inflammation, skin treatment, wound healing and more.

Laser Therapy include:

1. Muscle and joint pain
2. Lower back pain
3. Wound healing
4. Stiffness associated with arthritis
5. Neck pain
6. Hand pain and wrist pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
7. Pain associated with muscle spasms

The theory is the laser excites the targeted cells in the injured tissue, causing the cells to send out a signal that healing needs to take place in the area being treated. This signal travels throughout the blood stream, connective tissues, and nervous system to significantly speed up the body’s response and healing time. Interestingly, researchers have also discovered that LLLT boosts healing throughout the body, not just in the area being treated.

SpineWise uses the BioFlex Professional System exclusively in our clinic. We offer reliable and reproducible results. We go beyond great products by providing access to laser technologists and educational support to ensure you achieve the best patient outcomes possible. To see our laser in action go to or stop by Spinewise Chiropractic Clinic at Bowmanville for a free demonstration. Call 9056238388.


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