Laser Therapy For Pain Management


Laser Therapy For Pain Management

Laser therapy alternative medicine treatment that is applied to the body to get relief from pain. This therapy is totally safe and widely accepted modality to help decrease pain. It uses light to penetrate through the skin into tissues. Laser therapy is a powerful anti-inflammatory and very effective medications.


Laser therapy


How does it Work?

In this therapy laser beam send energy directly to the tissue. This beam increases the circulation in the injured or inflamed area of the body. It does not use heat although some patients do feel some warmth in the area that is being treated.


This therapy helps with the drainage of the lymphatic system thereby reducing inflammation. It also helps heal wounds much faster and therefore helps many other patients who have had amputations, severe burns, open wounds or non healing wounds that diabetic patients experience.


Laser therapy also helps with:

Fibromyalgia Pain

Diabetics with Neuropathies


Patients with Shingles

Joint pain and swelling

Laser Therapy Precautions

So we all know how much effective is this therapy. But while practicing this therapy there is a need for few precautions. First and the most important step is eye protection. Eye protection is required for both the patient and the therapist. Laser beam should not be performed over pacemakers, spinal stimulators, malignancies and over pregnant women.