Laser Therapy For Pain Relief


Laser Therapy For Pain Relief

Laser therapy treatmentLet healthy light exposed the bones, ligaments, and tissues deep inside our body that otherwise cannot reach these areas…

Laser therapy- An Alternative to surgery. Laser therapy becoming a widely used method to get relief from pain. It’s a non-invasive therapy which reduces pain by using intense beams of light of specific wavelengths. When the lights of specific wavelengths are targeted to a particular area of the body, physiological changes occur. The medical acceptance of laser treatments has increased the number of facilities providing laser treatments.

Benefits of Laser Therapy Treatment:

  • Treat pain effectively -Musculoskeletal conditions, including Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Problems etc.
  • Minimizes scar formation from cuts, burns, surgery etc.
  • Reduces swelling from bruising or inflammation
  • Responsible for reproduction of cells and their growth.
  • Treat Sinus Problems, Ear Infections
  • Foot Problems such as Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Laser therapy treatment is considered by many professionals and patients to be a very effective tool in improving injury condition. Spinewise medical clinic provides chiropractic care in Bowmanville founded by Dr. Amit Sharda. He has his doctorate in chiropractic as well as multiple certifications in clinical nutrition, functional blood chemistry analysis, laser therapy for arthritis.