Laser Therapy Treatment – Best Diagnostic Tool


Laser therapy uses monochromatic light emissions from a low power laser. It’s used to treat many conditions including musculoskeletal traumas, degenerative and chronic conditions and some wounds. This technology enhances the body’s natural process for healing.


There are conditions that will conventional therapies are inadequate. For these health issues, laser therapy can offer a lot of relief. These conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, soft tissue or tendon tears, delicate tissue injuries, herniated discs, tendinitis, bursitis, spinal stenosis, etc. Some of the different illnesses and conditions include ulcers, burns, shingles, gout symptoms, and arthritis. This is merely a partial list of the conditions that this sort of treatment may be beneficial for.

Using this type of treatment offers many advantages that a patient is not going to find with other forms of treatment. To begin using, this is a non-invasive treatment. There is no surgical procedure involved. Also, this non-toxic treatment is successful and features a treatment rate of around 95%. It has no known harmful unwanted effects and is easy to use. This therapy has other results as well. For illustration, the immune system is stimulated along with the natural healing process is  enhanced, resulting in tissue regeneration.


Another use for a beam of light therapy is smoking cessation. Although it’s not covered by insurance, a typical smoker can spend approximately 1/3 the amount they spend annually with cigarettes to pay the expense of this type of treatments. The laser must be applied to very specific points on the face, ears, wrists, and hands which are associated with nicotine addiction. When used for cigarette smoking cessation, there is usually only one treatment with other sessions available if needed.


Lasers can also be used by veterinarians to manage animals with chronic discomfort and age related conditions. Vets can use this treatment in reducing inflammation and promote healing in tissue that may be damaged. This treatment might help a pet that is troubled with arthritis, degenerative joint ailment, post surgical pain, etc. This is a effective and safe way to help improve the caliber of life and restore the mobility with your elderly pets.


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