Laser Treatments For Acne

Laser Treatments For Acne

Acne, like other diseases, can be controlled and cured, but you need to know the right treatment that would work for you. Currently, you will find a number of treatments for acne where all are of different nature. Amongst the most popular ones is treatment using laser beams.

Mostly acne occurs during the teenage and often continues in the thirties. Due to the increased levels of testosterone, acne occurs in the adolescence also. In most people, appearance of acne may lessen over the time and tends to vanish. Let’s see how effective laser treatments are and if there have any negative effects.

Laser beams pass through the surface of the skin to deeper levels. Although the skin surface remains uninjured, laser beams can inflict damage to the sebaceous glands which produce sebum. This damage, then results in reduced sebum production, which helps control acne.

Laser beams damage unhealthy skin containing acne, they might also damage healthy skin cells. If the coolant is not effective, it might burn a larger skin area. Since this is a relatively new methodology, the laws regarding laser treatment are not fully updated. This means that those companies that are licensed to use this treatment use equipment and techniques without completely studying them.

These laser treatments have their individual advantages and disadvantages. The effects of the treatments mainly depend on your skin sensitivity. The carbon dioxide laser is used to remove acne. The first layer of the skin and other acnes are removed by this treatment, but this laser has some disadvantages like permanent whitening of the skin.


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