Live a High Quality Life With Chiropractic


Chiropractic wellness care is to help people understand that this profession is significantly more than just pain alleviation. Spinal adjustments allow the master controlling system of the body to function at its best to increase the well being and length of life.

Stay Healthy and Pain-Free

Although adjustments help people with acute or chronic pain, the perception of pain should be only 1/9th of our nervous process function.

A large portion in our population wakes up every morning with a body that is functioning less than normal. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t realize that they could live living with better energy, more freedom of movement and luxuriate in life to a higher level. They attribute their lack of energy or lack of overall function to age, sleep or other excuses.

Doctors of chiropractic specialize in locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations. Subluxations can be caused by trauma, toxinsand thoughts.

Most of the chiropractic work done with HIV/AIDS patients is new and very clinical. Clinical studies indicate chiropractic can:

1) Boost immune system function
2) Help with secondary symptoms
3) Address quality of life issues

Chiropractic and yoga also addresses lifestyle issues as well. Chiropractic and yoga firmly believes that you are what you eat. A pure and moderated diet is the best possible guarantee of physical and mental health, bringing harmony and vitality to the body and mind.

Optimal Health

In order to be at optimum health, innate intelligence must have an optimum medium to work in. An optimum body, via good nutrition, would give innate intelligence as close to a perfect medium as physically possible.

Whole Health, Family Chiropractic in Bowmanville, Ontario has a team of highly specialized health professionals that will help reach your Health and Wellness goals. Chiropractic care improves your health to heal and enhances your overall quality lifestyle.


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