Liver Pain – Causes And Symptoms


When you have severe abdominal pain, a doctor needs to be called immediately. If the pain is coming from the upper right abdomen, this should not be put off. This is a common condition that often shows no signs or symptoms.

Pain in the liver can often coincide with pain in the back and whether the pain is dull or sharp, it can last a long time. Liver pain is specifically caused by pain that originates in or around the liver.

Signs or symptoms of Liver Pain

Some symptoms commonly experienced in conjunction with pain in the liver will include a feeling of general fatigue, difficulty breathing and a feeling of pain under the best shoulder. Also common are troubles eating, itchiness on the skin that have no obvious cause and with men, a swelling in your testes.

Surgery and Liver Ache

Having an intestinal bypass operation performed may cause liver pain, because in the event the surgery has been performed, lipid vacuoles often develop inside hepatocytes, which can help to produce a fatty liver. This condition is somewhat a lot like that which often develops in a very person who is a chronic alcoholic and the volume of pain that it causes is comparable.

Treatment for Liver Disease

Liver disease might be effectively treated fairly inexpensively, often by simply cutting back on the volume of alcohol consumed. Most doctors will advise somebody who has disease to reduce their use of alcohol, before suggesting further therapy.

Unfortunately, in extreme cases, there may be no suitable treatment for a diseased liver and the one solution is to wait for just a transplant. In this case, that you are lucky if you receive a fresh liver before your existing liver has ceased to work altogether, although once a new liver was in place, the pain should diminish.


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