Massage Benefits and It’s Types

For thousands of year massage has been used as a therapeutic procedure to treat a number of diseases. To protect our health and prevent daily problems like neck or back pain it is an effective procedure.

An important place has been occupied by massage in Naturopathy. Following are the various health benefits of massage and also its types:

Massage is associated with a wide variety of benefits. It reduces tiredness and pain, balances our vision, help in having a sound sleep, good skin and hence leading to a very good health. It disposes of poisons out of the body from the skin. Look for massage therapy Bowmanville online, if you are searching therapist online.

It animates course of the blood and alleviates the sensory system. It lessens the strain in the muscles and diminishes solid agony. Deliberate back rub diminishes the weight on the heart, and accordingly expands its proficiency.

Following are five main types of massages:

Stroking : Strokes are done over the body with hands, palms, thumb or fingers.

Kneading : Kneading, pressing and rolling done with fingers or hands.

Rubbing : It’s a type of circular massage done over joints.

Percussion: Clapping and tapping done by sticking.

Vibration: Shaking or pressing body with hands or fingers


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