Massage Therapy Can Boost Your Immune System


Massage therapy can help relax your muscles, improve the sleep, and even reduce the stress levels, but do you know that additionally, it may help to boost your body’s immune mechanism? It’s true! Massage therapy can be so beneficial for assisting you fight off colds and this flu. But that’s not the only way massage helps boost your immunity; massage will certainly help reduce stress-causing hormones like cortisol and increase ‘feel good’ hormones similar to serotonin, but it makes all the more than that.


Have you ever wondered why most people get sick more often as compared to others? And then there are those people out there who never get sick! What’s going on using them? Well, it could be that they handle stress better than others, and that may be because genetically their bodies naturally produce more ‘good’ immune mechanism fighters, and have a better capability to decrease the ‘bad’ guys who can cause all that pain.


Clinical studies have shown that massage therapy on a regular basis can actually affect your degrees of naturally occurring antibodies, increasing their levels to help you fight off bacteria and viruses.


If you work really hard you deserve to relax. Even better, taking the time to get regular massage therapy from a registered massage therapist may help keep you from having to take sick days off and miss that hard work you love to do! It’s hard to lead a stressful life when a weakened immune system gets in the way. So get proactive and get yourself a massage today!



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