Natural Menstrual Cycle Remedies


Natural Menstrual Cycle Remedies

menstrual-painMenstruation is the periodic outflow of blood that starts at teen age and continues till a woman attains the age of late 40s. The lining of the uterus or womb is shed out and this causes bleeding which comes out from the uterus passing through the cervix, and then passes out through the vagina.

Your menstrual cycle is a natural process. So, it follows that you should manage it with all natural menstrual cycle remedies. That is why it can sometimes be necessary to turn to proven natural treatment options. If you are suffering from painful menstrual cycles, then you should consult with chiropractor soon.

Emotional Problems:

Having your period can put you in an awful mood and not just because you are in physical pain. The hormonal changes going on in your body can throw off the chemical balance in your brain. That can create tiredness, depression, mood swings and even cause you to laugh one minute and shout the next for no reason at all.

Physical Problems:

Of course, those same hormones and chemicals can also cause the physical problems that you may experience during menstruation. That can include heavy bleeding, bloating and cramping. You might also experience swollen ankles, back aches and tender breasts. In fact, there are dozens of problems that can occur when you have your period.