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Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia is sleeplessness but most of the people believe that inability to sleep is insomnia whereas lack of sleep for sufficient duration, waking up frequently in between and difficulty in falling asleep also qualifies as insomnia.

Many people take prescribed medicine for their insomnia which can have various side effects which lead them to pursue natural and herbal remedies for insomnia. However you should consult your doctor before making any health decisions based on your early or chronic insomnia.

The sleep that is manufactured by drugs also doesn’t match up to natural sleep. It is very important to maintain the correct amount of time in each of the five stages of sleep, and taking prescription drugs or sleeping pills can interfere with that.

Managing your sleep environment is very important. You must always ensure that there is a quiet and cool area that you can sleep in. Insomnia quickly becomes a problem if you are experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort while trying to get to sleep.

Greatest natural remedies for insomnia involve facing your psychological or sleep hygiene problems, which ever is causing the insomnia. There are herbs which can also act as natural remedy for insomnia and is now being used as over the counter medicine for the problem. For more info, you can visit


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