Numbness Or Pain of the Arms Or Hands


Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can be felt anywhere in the body. Most commonly, they can be perceived in the hands, arms, legs or feet. The feeling of numbness or tingling is a signal unrecognized from the brain and signals that something is wrong.

Some of the causes of numbness or pain in arms or hands are joint disease, silent injuries such as bone fragments fractures, ligament tears, and joint strains.

Patients with numbness or pain in their arms or hands are normally misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome where the difficulty originates from a pinched neurological or cervical spine sublaxation. Misdiagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome happens if you will not discover the real examinations or assessments performed to determine where the problem is coming from.

Most people with arm or maybe hand problems, seek chiropractic treatment to aid relieve their pain. They get a proper diagnosis, which can be the first key to a whole and effective treatment. Pain or numbness in your arm or hand can be likely to be a cause of problems in the neck. The nerves that control your arms and hands actually originated from the neck.

The best chiropractor will always examine someone from the neck to fingertips on both sides to look for the cause of the problem. In most cases the problem is the result of either subluxations or misalignments on the bones. There are also cases the problem comes from the muscular tissues that tighten the nerves.

Once the origin of pain or numbness in the arm or hand is decided, the chiropractor goes to your affected part using natural techniques and adjusts the spine so that you can relax the muscles especially the muscles which can be overactive. By gently adjusting your cervical and upper thoracic backbone, the pressure to the influenced nerves is reduced. This restores the regular nerve impulses. The chiropractor then works on the nerves so that you can function correctly until the numbness or pain goes away completely.

Some of the most common approaches chiropractors use in treating numbness or pain in arm or hand are joint manipulation, soft tissue therapy and also other soft tissue therapies. The chiropractor may also give you a patient some appropriate exercises to help strengthen the muscles to be able to keep the vertebrae in their own proper positions.


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