A Nutritional Consultation at the Spinewise Bowmanville chiropractor clinic


A Nutritional Consultation at the Spinewise Bowmanville chiropractor clinic

Nutritional Consultations in BowmanvilleBad habits like smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle and living on convenience foods are making us sick. Nutritional Consultation builds a detailed picture of your lifestyle, including eating habits, medical history and any concerns you may have about your health.

With this information, nutritional consultants form an eating plan that suits your needs, your lifestyle. They help you identify and avoid unnecessary or harmful foods and enjoy an abundance of wonderful food that makes you feel good in bodyn and in mind.

They advise you which vitamin and mineral supplements are best for you to enhance and increase the goodness of your food to provide complete nutrition. With a tailor-made plan, you get to know exactly what you need to do next.

Changes made in your diet benefits for addressing many health concerns including following:

  • Digestive disorders such as heartburn, bloating, reflux etc.
  • Respiratory disorders such as sinusitis, persistent runny nose or asthma
  • Difficulty waking
  • Energy & Fatigue
  • Skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis or acne
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Weight Management Issues
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Children’s Health

The Spinewise Bowmanville chiropractor clinic helps individuals to find balance and sustainability in their eating habits with in-depth, customized, nutritional profiles.