Orthotics Bowmanville


Orthotics Bowmanville

Orthotics are characteristics made inserts for your footwear. Biomechanical dysfunction in your foot cause local pain and deformity also have an impact on the function of your entire skeleton. By correcting  these problems, many chronic problems can be relieved.

The doctors are skilled in determining your need for orthotics as well as the casting of your feet if compulsory. Commonly it takes 2 weeks for the casts to be sent to the lab and the finished product to visit back at the clinic.

Best legthened health care plans cover the price  of orthotics. While we need nothing to assess and fit you for orthotics, many plans require a prescription from an MD before they will compensate you for the cost. Please check your individual plan for details. We will provide you with the important biomechanical examination findings and receipts, should your plan require them.

We understand that no two feet are shaped or function in a  same manner, so at Spinewise Foot & Orthotic Clinic, we delight ourselves on being able to provide a highly determined treatment plan for each of our patient.

Spinewise Foot and Ankle Center is a full-service podiatric office. We strive for excellence in patient care and patient satisfaction with 24-hour on-call and  approach to physician services and consultations, multi-service locations and friendly staff with patient-to-doctor care each and in every visit.


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