Pain in Chest: Signs And Symptoms!


Often times when your body is experiencing intense fear you may feel symptoms that mimic a heart attack. The symptoms may include hyperventilation, shortness of breath and chest pains these are all common symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Shortness of breath, where you feel like you cannot get enough air into your lungs, resembling the feeling of being held under water in any pool, your breathing may become faster or your breathing might be labored.

Shaking, if it is not associate with any other disorders, such as diabetes or sickness, shaking can be a warning of anxiety and stress.

Difficulty swallowing, or the feeling like the fish will not go down your throat or it’s sitting in your chest.

Changes in Body temperature, you start to sweat in addition to feel very flush and hot or that you are just the opposite, you feel very cold.

There are various physical symptoms of anxiety along and stress, but the one that always stands out above all the rest is that feeling like you are having a heart attack. Anxiety chest pain come sin many different forms, it can be uninteresting or very sharp. It can be involved with your chest, in one side of your chest or it can just generally be everywhere in the chest.

Sharp chest pains may be related to heart disease or blockage, but it’s important to note that it is not typically related to such serious conditions. Pain that increases with movement could be attributed to an issue with your ribs, muscles, cartilage or lungs.

Anxiety chest pain can extend down the rear, shoulder or around the brain. It may travel all the way in which down into the stomach region. Anxiety chest pain may be considered a constant pain or it will come and go, chest pains from symptoms of stress usually only last for 2 minutes, where the pains from a heart attack last in excess of ten minute on average.


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