Pain Relief for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a progressive condition that may not respond to conservative treatment. There is no cure for spinal stenosis. If non-operative conservative care does not provide relief, surgery may be required.

As a consequence, there is often back and leg discomfort, which can be made worse by standing or walking.

Common Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

1. Sciatica pain associated with a tingling pain or numbness caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve.
2.Radiating numbness, weakness or tingling of one or both legs.
3. Neurogenic claudication or foot and leg pain resulting from certain postures.
4. Loss of balance, leading to frequent falls or difficult to walk.
5. A severe case of spinal stenosis can affect the nerves to the bladder or bowel leading to incontinence.

Since the main reason for pain in spinal stenosis will be the compression and narrowing of the particular spinal canal, pressing in around the nerves, effective chiropractic treatment would entail manipulating the spine to start the canals to allow for any natural increased blood flow and fewer pressure around the nerves. Specific spinal decompression manipulation method is employed by the skilled chiropractor to alleviate pressure on nerves and leading to tinnitus.

This problem is common in women and men age 50 years old and above due to the aging process. However, this condition also occurs in children and young people with birth defects or suffering from benign or cancerous tumors. Accidents or other major trauma can also cause the condition to people of any age.

In simple fact, there are many reported instances of people with spinal stenosis, that after repeated failures with classic therapies, finally found pain relief whenever they discovered chiropractic treatment for spine stenosis!


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