Pain Treatment Through Laser Therapy

Treatment with LaserLaser therapy has been a treatment increasing in popularity for years. The concept seems simple; a laser stimulates procedures inside the cell. This can stimulate growth and repair, or inhibit inflammation. Some people have difficulty seeing a red light flash and not “feel” anything happening. Lasers do work and this article tells you how.

Laser therapy has been used in Bowmanville for the treatment of pain and to speed healing. FDA began clearing lasers for pain and medical treatments over the last 20 years. With increased technology, lasers have become smaller and transportable to be used in a clinical setting. For more information, visit

Laser therapy has been shown to produce the following physiological and biological effects.


Photons of light from lasers enter into tissue and quicken cellular growth and reproduction. Laser therapy increases the energy available to the cell so it can work faster, quickly, better and get free of waste products. When cells of ligaments, tendons, and muscles are open to laser light they repair and heal quicker.


Laser light rises collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts. Collagen is the building block of tissue repair and medicinal. Laser therapy increases fibroblast activity and therefore collagen creation to speed healing.


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