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A lot of people feel it is impossible to maintain a healthy weight. We think that we are powerless because we believe we’ve got tried our best and failed repeatedly. In fact, we haven’t truly tried because the overall time we were trying we felt it had been impossible to succeed. We cannot imagine success, therefore we were doomed to fail. At the bottom of this belief is our self image as weak and incapable at least in some areas. This is not true, we just didn’t try the proper method and we must try again the right way. Realizing that it is in our power to change if we create a real effort is step one to good health.


Change your life and your weight will change with it


Change your attitude, change your habits, change your life, and you may experience lasting success. In order to lose weight one has to live like a thin person. Observe thin people among your mates and associates. Then do what they do, and eat just what they eat.


Start working out or join a gym, not with dread but zealous enthusiasm. When you start feeling tired and wish to quit, use mental self discipline to discover why. Often you will realize that you’re not truly exhausted, only experience hopeless and weak again. Look into your attitude immediately and end your workout. Always complete a fair workout before quitting.


Eat a balanced diet, and take vitamins and supplements to keep your energy levels and ensure good health. Some people need an all natural energy supplement as well, to be able to maintain high activity levels, and you’ll find nothing wrong with taking those as directed on the bottle. When you eat, don’t feel guilty concerning this, but instead eat slowly experiencing every bite. Take an hour or maybe more to complete your meal whenever feasible. Concentrate on the flavor of the food. Don’t eat while doing other things, and stay busy. Eat when you feel hungry, and don’t feel compelled to eat as a result of time.


Following these steps can help you achieve and maintain your aim weight, instead of trying in vain to lose weight.



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