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Physiotherapy-ImportancePhysiotherapy exercises to do at home are great for minor muscle injuries. The most commonly injured body parts are the knee and back, so I’ll focus on them. Physiotherapists (physical therapists) are usually very busy. If your injury isn’t major, you may have to wait weeks to be seen.

In that time you could develop stiffness and lose muscle tone, making the injury worse and prolonging your recovery. Doing these simple physiotherapy exercises helps keep the muscles moving.

You probably already have some sort of pain from the injury, which you’ll have to monitor. There are two types of pain you need to watch out for:

Pain due to stiffness: Bearable during your physiotherapy exercises, eases off soon after. This type of pain is OK to carry on. For schedule an appointment at our SpiniWsie Clinic, call 905-623-8388 today.

Pain due to damage: Unbearable at any point, won’t ease for several days. Stop any exercise immediately. Your muscles aren’t ready for exercise yet. Continue with R.I.C.E.

The best course of action when doing physiotherapy exercises is to write a plan. Record the pain response after each exercise. Either increase or decrease the amount of exercises you do, depending on how bad the pain was.

Your muscles are in a delicate state, so really focus on the quality of each movement. Go slow and steady for doing exercise.


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