Pregnancy: Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

massage treatment

When you’re pregnant, you of course only want the best for the growing baby! Since acupuncture and massage therapies can both provide great relief from many of the discomforts that come along together with carrying a child, it would be a shame to have to suffer those nine months without some support from these natural medical care modalities. Luckily, there is good evidence to support the fact that both massage therapy and acupuncture are safe while you are pregnant – just make sure that whomever is treating you provides the proper training.


Some people who massage has concerns with treating, or in fact ‘over-treating’ pregnant women, and so you may find that some will either refuse to treat you at all, or will only treat you under certain conditions.


A registered massage therapist is a properly trained and regulated health care provider who knows not only tips on how to treat you when you’re pregnant, but is also very nicely trained in helping relieve some of those sore spots that have been bugging you of late. You will even find some with taken extra courses to hone their skills.


During pregnancy, acupuncture is actually contraindicated for points on the sacrum, your abdomen, and also a few other points on your body, including a couple on your ankles, hands, and shoulders. These points encourage contractions, and so really should not be used until you are ready to go into labor. Acupuncture points on your lower back can be used during pregnancy, but the needles should be inserted only very shallow.



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